Want to become debt free without obsessing over a budget?

Overwhelmed by debt? Discover a way out by reading on…

Become debt free and stay debt free with the help of our comprehensive membership program.

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You want to become debt free, right?

So you’ve tried to budget, cut out buying your morning coffee, and stop eating out at sit-down restaurants.

There’s just one tiny problem…

While everyone is out there selling you on how to cut expenses, no one is talking to you, the hard worker putting in overtime and still living paycheck to paycheck, about HOW to manage your money and increase how much you make, without a second job.

Have you ever said or felt like….

  • No matter what I do I just can’t get ahead financially
  • I am working myself to death and I won’t ever be able to retire
  • I can’t afford a vacation or have nice things

I’m here to tell you—you’re not alone!

That is why you need the Become Debt Free Membership

You’ll Discover:

  • Why you need to become debt free stay free of debt to be able to obtain what you want in life
  • How to save for emergencies so that you won’t go back into debt when life gets rough
  • How to cut out unneeded expenses so that you can save and pay down debt faster
  • How to keep expenses that make you happy so that you don’t spend a lot of money to feel human again
  • Ways to make more money that isn’t driving for Uber or working a 2nd retail job
  • 4 different strategies to pay off debt faster so that can choose the best path for you to become debt free given your personality and needs
  • Tools to save more money so that you have the ability to stay free of debt even when life takes you off track unexpectedly
  • The financial education you need to save money, get out of debt and then be able to invest in your future so that you can retire, maybe even early.

What’s Inside?

This isn’t just your average membership.

The Become Debt Free Membership is your complete roadmap to paying off all of your debts except your home!

Inside the Become Debt Free Membership, you’ll get:

Learn about how to use money to make money, what your interests are in life, your Big Why, and the best way to start your day to get the most done.

Value $47

Learn how much you need to save in your emergency fund (not everyone needs the same amount), save automatically, cut your expenses, grow your income, gamify your savings, and know your target date.

Value $27

Master Your Debt Cover text over a picture of a pair of scissors cutting up a credit card with the word debt printed on it.

Make a list of all of your debts (minus your home), choose your debt freedom strategy (4 strategies that can be mixed together for maximum effect), remember your Big Why, make a commitment, pay extra monthly, and beat your target date. You will also get access to a spreadsheet to track your debt and utilize any or all of the strategies.

Value $87

Be Debt Free Membership Mockup Image showing the course graphic and work book images

Join the Become debt free membership today

And say hello to sleeping better at night, no calls from collections, better credit scores, and the freedom to start to heavily invest in your future.

Just $7/month

Hi, My Name is Dwight Scull

I know firsthand how crippling debt can be. My net worth was a negative $105,000, and I was drowning in financial stress. But through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to becoming debt-free, I turned my finances around in less than ten years.

Today, my net worth is over $700,000. I’ve faced unexpected challenges, such as the sudden loss of my mother, and had to max out a credit card to pay for her cremation. But I didn’t let these setbacks defeat me. Instead, I studied every book on money I could get my hands on, so you don’t have to.

I created this debt-free membership to share everything I’ve learned along the way and help you achieve financial freedom too. Let’s work together to transform your finances and create a brighter financial future! Click the button to get started today!

Dwight and Rebecca Scull in a park with trees behind them.

But don’t take my word for it

“Master Your Debt” is an amazing debt reduction course that offers hope for people drowning in debt.  Dwight is knowledgeable and passionate about helping people get out of debt. “Master Your Debt” provides a comprehensive approach to debt reduction that is easy to implement. The course is engaging, with a variety of interactive activities and exercises that help reinforce the concepts taught. I highly recommend “Master Your Debt” to anyone who is looking to pay off their debts and make a significant positive impact on their financial situation.

~Jenny C

“Master Your Debt” was so helpful! I learned a lot about managing my debt effectively and I feel more confident about my finances now.

What I appreciated most about the course is that it emphasized taking proactive measures to manage debt, such as setting financial goals and creating a budget. By implementing these strategies, I feel more in control of my finances and better equipped to achieve my goal of becoming debt-free. Oh yeah, and I am definitely in Debt Snowball!

~ Melinda P


How do you know if this is for you or not?

The Become debt free membership could be for you if…

You are in debt thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt (don’t include your mortgage in this)

You want to be out of debt but don’t make enough money to get ahead (hint this is why I am offering it for just $7 a month, cancel anytime)

You would love to be debt free but don’t know how or have tried in the past and it didn’t work

Green Circle with a white check mark

Red circle with a white X

The Become debt free membership isn’t for you if…

You are already debt free minus your home

You have great money habits already and pay off your credit cards every month

You believe that you should only use cash and you don’t need a credit score (I don’t recommend this for anyone – Sorry Dave)

You want to know what to invest your money in for retirement (this is the first step before we get there)

Are you ready to Join?

Be Debt Free Membership Mockup Image showing the course graphic and work book images

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have any time to devote to this?

The videos are designed to be watched as you find time and are normally 5 – 10 minutes or less each. The concepts build on each other so you could devote 15 minutes a day to completing the video and accompanying worksheets. Also, some parts of the membership are done after you have completed an earlier part. For example, it is recommended you have your emergency fund fully funded before you tackle paying off your debt faster.

What if I have never saved money in my life?

That isn’t a problem we will go through some easy ways to save money and help you gamify your experiences around money. After doing this for a while personally, I loved saving or paying off debt faster. It became just as fun doing that as it did to shop on Amazon. I also had less stuff in my garage afterward.

Three stacks of coins with a small plant growing out of each. The stacks and plants get larger as you go from left to right

Do I have to use direct deposit into a bank account for this to work?

No, you don’t need a bank account or direct deposit, but it would be easier if you had these setup before this membership. If you don’t, then you will need a safe place for your emergency savings fund and the discipline to save money into it each paycheck.

What if I don’t like it?

Since it is a monthly membership you can cancel at any time and you won’t be charged for the next month.

How long will I have access to the courses in the membership?

As long as you are paying for the membership you will have access to the courses and all the resources. Any updates are also included in the membership.

What if I don’t know anything about money or finances?

This membership will lay the foundation for you for the proper use of money and debt. We will brainstorm ways to cut expenses (without making you feel inhuman) and increase income (without you putting strangers in your car every night).

How long will it take to get out of debt?

That depends on numerous factors. How much do you make? Are you willing to cut unneeded expenses? Are you willing to try to make more money? Can you stop going further into debt? How much debt (minus your home) do you have? For some people, it can be done in a year or less, but for others, it could take 5+ years to pay off everything they owe. This is especially true with student loans and medical debt. The tips in this membership will help you reduce that time.

What do I get again and when do I get access?

You will get three courses with videos and workbooks for each course.

The courses are:

Master Your Mindset – I will teach you the difference between using your money to make more money and using your money to lose more money. I will delve into what you really want out of life and why you want it. And finally, I will give you a method to start your day that will change your future – and not just with money but with anything.

Master Your Emergency Fund – I will help you know how much you need to save, ways to cut expenses, make more money, gamify your saving and know how long it will take to save that much. I will also help you beat that date.

Master Your Debt – This is the hardest module because it means that you will need to gather up all of your debts (minus your home mortgage) and enter them into a document I will provide you. Then we will be able to play with 4 different ways to pay off your debt and they can be mixed and matched to pay off debt faster. We will cover how to cut expenses and make more money like we did in the Emergency Fund course. We will know the date you will be debt free (minus your home) and then we can work on beating that date by months or maybe even years.

Be Debt Free Membership showing the images for the three courses that talk about Mindset / Freedom and Savings

You will get access in about 10 minutes or less from signing up using the button below.

What else are people saying?

Beth Ann

This course is such an interesting and different way to look at money than what we have held in our minds for as long as I can remember. You make these big concepts that I’ve never been able to wrap my brain around easy to hold. Money is often a weird and confusing subject to try and understand, but you basically put it into a nice easy-to-carry backpack. I have held onto false beliefs about money or just believed money was too complex for me for most of my life. This course really helped me adjust my thinking too much healthier thoughts about money, investing, and my future.

~Beth Ann A

I recently enrolled in Dwight’s course on becoming debt-free and I am already seeing positive changes in my finances and mindset around money! Although I am not debt-free yet, I am confident that with Dwight’s guidance and supportive FB group, we will be debt free within the next 3 years. 

Dwight’s coaching style is very approachable and practical. His knowledge has helped me identify areas where I can cut back on expenses and make smarter financial choices. The downloadable resources provided will help me manage my debt and stay on track! (cont.)

I appreciate Dwight’s positive and encouraging approach to coaching. After taking this course, I feel empowered and in control of my finances for the first time in my life! 

I highly recommend Dwight’s course to anyone who is looking to become debt-free while learning to make smarter financial decisions going forward. 

~Nat S


I just finished all three of Dwight Sculls’ courses and I’m overwhelmed by the most amazing feeling. Finally – someone has taken the time to put all this “mysterious” information out there so everyone can benefit from it and change their life. I say “mysterious” because no one taught me anything about money as I grew up – except for my mother who frantically asked us to get the bills out of the mail and hide them in her sewing machine before our Dad saw them. Everything about how people saved, invested, and were thoughtful about their finances – was mysterious to me. I can’t thank you enough, Dwight, and I feel like I’m just following in your footsteps because you’ve been where I am and now, you’re turning around and offering me a hand up – with all the details!”\

~Cindi C

So if you are ready to be debt free
this is your sign

Hit that button to join us today—we’ll see you on the other side!