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Get out of debt and become financially secure!

I used these same techniques to go from being in debt of $105,000 to a net worth of over $600,000 in less than 9 years.

I can show you how to get out of debt, save for retirement, and have security in financial matters.

I can help you get your finances back on track so that you can live the life you want.

Imagine the weight being lifted off your shoulders when you’re finally out of debt. You’ll be able to sleep better at night, have more money to save and invest for your future, and overall feel more secure in your financial situation.

Imagine going on vacation to places you always wanted to visit without having to get a second mortgage on the home.

In my e-book, Master Your Money, you will get over 25 pages of information (31 pages total) to advance your financial knowledge.

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My name is Dwight Scull and in 2013 my entire world flipped upside down.

I am at dinner and my sister calls me in tears. She said “Dwight, you need to come to mom and dad’s house now. Mom is dead.” I was stunned. My mom was only 52 years old and I literally just talked to her on the phone yesterday. She wasn’t sick or anything.

She was a heavy smoker and had a heart attack and died in her sleep. There was no life insurance or money in savings. My parents lived paycheck to paycheck and were in a lot of debt. They would refinance the house every few years to pay off credit cards.

I learned how to not manage my money from my parents. As I assume you may have as well. When my mom died we were about $105,000 in debt not counting a small condo we owned. We had over $10k in credit card bills. We had two car loans and over $80,000 in student loans as well. On top of all of that our home was basically worth about what we owed on it thanks to the 2008 drop in prices.

My sister and I split the cost of the cremation on a credit card and mine was almost maxed out.

I was making almost double the money my parents made but I couldn’t pay for a $300 surprise bill without debt.

So I read everything I could get my hands on about money in Kindle Unlimited and within 3 years of my mom’s death I had paid off everything but my home. Fast forward to 2022 and if you sold off everything I owned to pay everything I owe then I would walk away with over $600,000 – frankly maybe even over $700,000 depending on the stock market.

Master Your Money E-book

Table Of Contents

Curious as to all the topics I cover? Well here is the table of contents:

  1. Your Money Mindset – Learn poor / middle-class / rich mindsets around money
  2. Assets and Liabilities – Things that make you money vs things that take your money on a monthly basis
  3. Emergency Expenses – How much do you need to ensure you won’t go back into debt when the unexpected happens
  4. Debt Reduction – 4 different types of ways to pay off your debt that isn’t a bankruptcy or 3rd party company
  5. 3 – 6 Months of Expenses – Why you need to save money and how much should you have in savings
  6. Spend Less Than You Make – This is the cornerstone of financial advice
  7. Income VS Saving Problem – Sometimes it won’t matter how much you save because you really have an income problem and we discuss multiple ways to increase your income that don’t require you to do Uber or DoorDash
  8. How Much You Should Invest – We discuss what percentage of your income you should invest once you have paid off the high-interest debt you may have
  9. Should You Have Credit Cards – Candid conversation on whether or not you should have a credit card and when you should have a credit card (it has nothing to do with age)
  10. Credit Scores 101 – How do credit scores work and why you need a good one
  11. Home Ownership – When is your home an asset vs a liability? Is home ownership a good idea or not?
  12. Retirement 101 – Should you take a company 401k match? What are the most common investing terms and what do they mean? Also what you should invest in with links to more info to get you started quickly and easily
  13. Teach Others – If you read the e-book this far you know more than 90% of all Americans do about money so tell others what you know
  14. Your Goals Worksheet / Be Debt Free Challenge – Links to other resources that are available to help you move to the next step.
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Be Debt Free!

Get the Master Your Money E-Book now so that you can move from a poor or middle-class mindset to a rich mindset. The rich get richer because they understand how money actually works.

If you don’t know the rules of the game then you will lose the game EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The issue here is that you aren’t taught about the rules of the biggest game: Money. This literally impacts your ability to eat and put a roof over your head and keeps you trapped, by design, for generations. Break the cycle today!

The banks / credit card companies are making 20% – 30% interest lending you money and giving you back maybe 2% interest for using your money that is sitting in the bank.

Learn how money actually works so that you can play the game better or at least not be a victim of it. Pick up the Master Your Money E-Book today by clicking the button below.


This guide was short, simple, and clear. Before reading this guide my financial concerns were focused on where to start, and what to pay off first for the most impact. I also wanted to start investing in my retirement but I didn’t understand the different types, or how I could make them work for me. I now feel more confident and even eager to get started on my road to financial freedom.

Krystal Boll

Great, short, easy-to-read book to understand basic concepts and strategies for saving, investing, and tackling debt with links to many great resources for deeper dives.

Christopher Rees

For anyone who is looking for practical, realistic actions you can take to improve your financial situation, look no further. This book is short but jam-packed with information! And the different concepts are explained in a simple, non-overwhelming way. I’m in Europe, so I was concerned that the ideas in this book might not apply, but it absolutely does. I feel very inspired to implement the things outlined in this book.

Petra Pearce

Master Your Money e-book provides real-life solutions to help create financial freedom in my life. I learned so much from this book! It is so well written and it was an easy read. I appreciate that Dwight has personal knowledge about being in Debt and shares how he successfully got out of Debt in an easy-to-follow way. I am excited to put the ideas from this book into action and finally master my money!

Melinda Pearson

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Master Your Money E-Book?

The Master Your Money E-Book is a 31-page PDF document that covers over 10 different money topics that are easy to understand and follow.

What Level of Education Do I Need For This E-Book?

The Master Your Money E-Book assumes that you have no formal education in money because it wasn’t taught in schools. You don’t need to have any training to understand the concepts I cover.

Is This Only For Americans?

While this is written from an American perspective I would state that 99% of the information is applicable to anyone in a 1st world country. The only part that may not be applicable is the section on calculating credit scores and 401k matching. Otherwise, the definitions inside of Retirement 101 are still 100% relevant, as are the recommendations for how to diversify your investments quickly.

How Will I Get The Master Your Money E-Book?

Click the button and it should open in a new window. Simply save the PDF and it is yours.

Yes, I would love to know more about money!

Thanks for taking the next step in your financial journey. Click the button to the right or this link to access the Master Your Money E-Book.