Multiple Blue Rings

Dwight Scull

How to invest on autopilot

Investing in buy and hold funds aren't ask risky as many will tell you. If you leave your money in cash you are losing money due to inflation. 

Mutual Funds

A collection of stocks / bonds and other assets that are managed and trying to beat the market and that is very important

What is the Market?

The market normally means the S&P 500 (or the biggest 500 publicly traded companies in America)

Target Date Funds

Funds that move from stocks to bonds over time as you get older


Even 1% fees will take a lot of your money over time. Mutual funds and target date funds could have some high fees

Index Funds

Low fees and you can literally invest in a group of funds. You might have heard of these as ETF's as well.

Level 1

Blue Rings

You can invest in the biggest 500 companies in America

Blue Rings

Or invest in top 3000 companies

The Russell 1000 and 2000 lets you invest in the top 3000 biggest public companies in America.

International Index

You can also invest in the biggest international companies as well if you want more diversification.

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